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  1. NEW: Administrative memo on timeliness of travel and employee reimbursements (Travel and Employee Reimbursements Memo)
  2. NEW: Policy regarding the submission of grant proposals (SSC Proposal Deadline Policy)
  3. NEW: OPS Job classifications and hours limits: Information can be found here for non-student OPS and here for current OPS employees. New OPS job code can be found on the HR page.
  4. NEW: Scholarship Process Changes Effective Fall, 2018 (Scholarship memo)
  5. NEW: 9 Month Faculty conversion information:  Here is the link to the  information session on converting to a nine-month faculty contract. (More resources: IFAS 9 month status agreement final9 month conversion information from Deans)


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Research Administration

The Research Administration team provides support for the proposal, management, renewal, and closeout of sponsored awards.


Our team of experts in Financial Services will process, review, monitor, and provide reporting on your financial transactions and budget with a constant commitment to accuracy and improvement.

Human Resources

The professional Human Resource Team can assist you with a variety of HR topics and issues to help you recruit, manage, and retain the highest caliber staff. 

Immigration Services

IFAS ICS is your first stop for all IFAS immigration-related matters.