IFAS Shared Service Centers

Vision. Commitment. Service. Solutions.

Human Resources

IFAS is a dynamic workplace.  The professional Human Resource Team can assist you with a variety of HR topics and issues to help you recruit, manage, and retain the highest caliber staff. 

Grant Services

The experts in Grants Services assist with the resources and knowledge needed to compete for, manage, close or renew sponsored awards. When expertise and standardized work processes are concentrated in a single contact center, there is a greater opportunity for getting the work done right the first time. This translates to a higher level of service that ensures compliance and mitigates risk.

Financial Services

Our team of experts in Financial Services will process, review, monitor, and provide reporting on your financial transactions and budget with a constant commitment to accuracy and improvement. We provide a number of services centered on your transactional and budgetary needs.

Our Mission

McCarty Shared Services TeamThe IFAS SHARED SERVICE CENTERS work in partnership with IFAS academic departments by providing timely, professional business support thus allowing departments to focus  on delivering teaching, research, and extension programs. The primary purpose of shared services is to reduce duplication of effort, enable staff to focus on the highest- value work, and provide more services with limited resources. The Shared Service Center consolidates and streamlines the administrative functions such as Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, and Grants Management to ensure the most efficient and effective service delivery possible. Highly skilled and scarce resources are leveraged across multiple departments thus enabling better service and performance. This allows the IFAS units to focus more resources on achieving our academic mission.


  • Fifield Shared Services TeamProvide strategic expertise in Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, and Grants Management
  • Support major campus scope, policy and procedures
  • Manage Departmental service expectations
  • Quality, consistent service delivery and process improvement
  • Commitment to excellence and superior service to all customers
  • Ensure accuracy in financial reporting and compliance with University and external regulations
  • Reduction in “time to market” and problem resolution
  • Achieve cost savings through consolidation, standardization, and automation
  • Reduction in process cycle times. Process simplicity

Partnering for Efficiency

The IFAS Shared Service Centers provide a wide range of services in Human Resources, Finance, and Grants management.  By working together we achieve success and accomplish our mutual goals.   Click on an area above to explore ways our team can help you, or stop by to see how we can best work together.